Rant: My Youngest is Not a Teaching Tool for Your Kid

Had youngest at the MD today for the first of his pre-surgical appts for the newest round of corrective surgery on his feet and I almost lost it today. First, his peds ortho is in a basement office. A basement. So that means we're hauling the wheelchair down in a tiny elevator which is normally fine but today we get there, we're waiting in this tiny little alcove just off the door where the wind is cutting through and we're freezing, waiting for another family to unload their daughter and her vv large and complicated motorized wheelchair. Youngest is being good, being patient. The elevator comes back up and these two kids go pushing past us to race into the elevator. Does the mom stop them? No. She skirts around me, texting on her phone, and tells the boys to hit the button for three-- like me and my kid IN HIS WHEELCHAIR aren't even there!!!!

Then, we get the elevator. We go down, I get him registered, get his wheelchair parked over at one of the playtables becuase I know it's going to be awhile before we see a doctor and I'm not even sat down in a waiting room chair before this kid just comes over and grabs his wheelchair and pulls him out from his spot and starts rocking him back and forth, trying to drive him in circles. Youngest was like "Ok, stop. I'm playing. Stop." So I look over at this kids parents and they aren't even flinching. Just sitting there watching. So I go over, I take my sons wheelchair, I put it back at the table and I lock down his wheels. So this kid grabs his wheelchair again and starts trying to pull (good luck with that kid the wheels are locked).

 So I look over at his parents and I'm like "excuse me, could you please tell your son that my son's wheelchair isn't a toy?"

What do I get told? "Oh he's not hurting anyone. After all, he's just curious. He's never seen someone that's in that condition before."

I didn't even know what to say. I was just dumbfounded. So I finally looked at them and said "well then that's your problem because if your kid doesn't leave my kids chair alone I'm going to complain to the nurses desk. Get a clue."

You know I never thought about how I behaved when I didn't have a kid who needed special help but I'd like to think I wasn't an ableist twat who disregarded other people's emotions and walked all over people just because I could. Maybe I was though and didn't notice it.

Either way, the past six months has taught me that the world I thought I knew? It's a different place when your kids don't fit the Sears catalog cover mode. 

I have another book out today!

Or actually it's a short story in the Riveting Affairs Anthology called Clockwork Bride which is a sort of reverse Romeo and Juliet where no one dies and she saves him from a clockwork dragon. Anyway, you can see them here:





Note to editors everywhere: Your authors shouldn't find out they have a novel releasing-- within the month-- from the publicity people at a popular blog site. When I get pinged on Skype at 7 AM all I can do is go huh? What story? I wrote a story? Are you sure that's what I do for a living? Which means I look stupid and so does the company. How long would it have taken you to write me an email? 

Told them it wasn't me who was the problem child...

Just got an email from ex (why does he only email when he wants to cause trouble or needs money/a shoulder to cry on?). Turns out his second wife gave him an extra special christmas present-- divorce papers and unlike me she's not content just to get out. She wants at least 50% of everything and she's apparently asking for more. 

Good on her I say. As long as she realizes she won't ever get any of it, even if the judge does award it.